[TRAVEL PHOTOS] Paris, was better than expected

This is my very first time in Europe. Before I started this (supposedly and hopefully) incredible journey, I read a lot about the places I was about to go. 

As a loyal 9gagger, I came across people who said that Paris is full of…jerks. None of my friends that went to Europe had an impression about Paris besides the beloved mainstream Eiffel Tower.

When I finally set my foot on Paris, I was pleasantly astonished by the view. The buildings, the flats, the shops and even the roads are abundantly showered by allure. Yes, some Parisians are undeniably rude, but it’s not that I’m gonna live here anyway so it’s not quite a big deal. Besides, some of them are more helpful than I expected. Enough said, let’s just get down to the photos!

The streets:   

Seine River:

Another street:   
Notre Dame:

The famous lock bridge (do you know that you are not allowed to do this again because the bridge is now too heavy?):   

Château de Versailles:

The oh-so-mainstream Tour Eiffel:


Musée du Louvre:  
A little tip that I gained from Parisian 9gagger: when you want to ask people in France with English, it’s polite to ask them “Parlez vous anglais?” (Do you speak English?). Pronunciation: “pah-lay voo ong-layy”

Thank you for reading my post! Stay tuned for my other trips in Europe 🙂

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