[Makeup Review] bareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit

Hello folks!

I can finally get my hands on these amazing products by Bare Escentuals! Be happy for me! Hahaha!

I’ve been trying to make some time for this but it’s really difficult to get the writing mood while your professors (yes, plural) decided to give you several weekly assignments. Such thing wouldn’t have happened if I were allowed to take less amount of classes. I actually wanted to post all of my Europe photos first, but it would take more time to choose and to edit the photos. Damn, I really need a break to write all of the things I want to post 😦

Anyway! I’ve been subscribing frmheadtotoe for years. Her tutorials are the ones that I often use for my makeup style as she has Asian face features and she explains the makeup steps so damn well. bareMinerals is noticeably one of her favourite brands and..finally, finally (!!) I was able to purchase this!



The kit consists of:

  • Prime Timeâ„¢ Foundation Primer (15 ml/0.5 fl. oz.)
  • ORIGINAL Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Medium Beige (2 g/0.07 oz.)
  • MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Medium Beige (1.5 g/0.05 oz.)
  • Warmth All-Over Face Color (0.57 g/0.02 oz.)
  • Mineral Veil® finishing powder (0.75 g/0.03 oz.)
  • Flawless Application Face Brush
  • Keepsake Makeup Clutch

The physique of the brush doesn’t seem appealing, mostly because of the colour. Furthermore, I didn’t think that it would be convenient to use this type of big classic eyeshadow brush. (Sorry, I just suck at describing things but you’ll get what I mean by looking the photo). And…after a while, my suspicion was cognitively proven. The brush shed a lot, and it’s not even usable anymore after I washed it.

Therefore, I used the brushes from Zoeva Luxe Prime Set for this review. Just got this as a birthday gift and I couldn’t be happier!!



bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer:

Description as quoted from the website:

Prime Time Foundation Primer creates an ultra-silky, smooth canvas for your most flawless foundation application ever.

Since I’m not that good at noticing primer’s features because — obviously — they’re invisible, I’m just gonna say I THINK they really work at setting up the foundations layers and make it long-lasting. But it REALLY felt ‘silicony’. It’s gross and dries my face a bit.

bareMinerals Original Foundation & bareMinerals Matte Foundation:

Description as quoted from the website:

  • ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation delivers flawless coverage with a no-makeup look and feel and is clinically proven to give you clearer, healthier-looking skin over time.

  • MATTE SPF 15 Foundation is proven to minimise the appearance of pores, absorb excess oil and eliminate shine.

The first time I tried this powder foundation, it was a disaster. I didn’t know about the rule of “applying as little as possible”, hence the cloud of powder was like, everywhere. It didn’t even set up right to my face. After I learned about that said rule, I began to see the amazing result. The primer caught the powder bits perfectly, thus, I repeat, UHMAZING.

The only difference they have is the final look. The Original one maintains your skin natural glow, while the Matte one dulls your face features, thus making it look softer. I prefer the Original one, though. Similarly, they sit perfectly on your skin without breaking them out or making them feel heavy. The only downside they have is that they don’t have moisturising feature, therefore your skin’s hydration will be up to your moisturiser.

bareMinerals Warmth All Over Face Color:

Description as quoted from the website:

Warmth All-Over Face Color brings a sun-kissed glow to the skin.

The manual book said that this shall be used as some kind of…illuminator. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I’d rather use this as to contour my face. The colour seems too dark for my skin. Then again, it was supposed to be used very very tiny in amount. Still, my stubborn preference wouldn’t wear it as illuminator  as the colour turns me off.

When you use the right amount of this product to contour your face, it can really set as the natural shades would. It may last up to 8 hours, which is splendid. I’m so glad I can finally have a close-to-proper bronzer.

bareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (translucent finish):

This, again, is not my area of expertise. Description as quoted from the bareMinerals website:

Minimising lines, absorbing oils, and softening your complexion, it gives you a flawless finish that’s too good to miss. And best of all, it’s utterly weightless. Just a bare veil of minerals that lock makeup in place and give your skin airbrushed perfection.

Small amount of powder to set your foundation, that’s all you need. It did absorb the oils, it did soften the complexions caused by the foundation application. Flawless finish? Um.. Sort of? Cannot even tell…

So this is the final look, without the concealer:





Quite a natural result, huh? Just need a view of concealers for my disgusting mosquitoes bites and it would be flawless!

Final Verdict:

Score: 4.7/5

Price: bought it for €45.95 in Italy. Online shops sell it for approximately IDR 880k, or US$63. Crazy, right? Can’t even begin to imagine the price of this product when they finally have it in Sephora Indonesia.


  • Natural look. Very, I might say.
  • Doesn’t require too much of product for each applications.
  • Hence worth the price. One said that she used it for months and she didn’t feel the need to buy the new one.
  • Great oil control.


  • Require some time to apply the products. Not recommended for late-to-school makeup. Wear the LANEIGE BB Cushion instead.
  • Not moisturising.
  • Weird primer.

Thank you for reading this review, folks!

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by the product’s company. Any writings are solely based on my honest opinion. I do not hold responsibility for those who have different opinions about this product. The photos were taken by me using iPhone 5S and Samsung S4.

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