[Makeup Review] Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade #Ash Brown

We always love discounts, don’t we? When an online shop announced its Christmas discount, I immediately purchase this without any second thought!

I notice that the love of brows has become a lot larger than ever. When I started to have an interest in makeup, only little money was spend for my brows. I stick to The Face Shop Design My Brow because of the usage convenience, spooley included, and of course, extremely cheap in terms of price (IDR 50k, US$3.5). But, well, every cheap stuff has lot of weaknesses. I think I’m going to review that one later on!

Anyway, I purchased my dipbrow for about IDR 268k or US$19 (they usually sell this for IDR 300k or US$21.5. I’m such a cheapshit….). Truthfully it’s still expensive for a brow product because you have to have the brush and the spooley. My love of Zoeva brushes has grown a lot lately, and I recently purchased the Rose Golden Vol. 2 Brush Set that comes up with a unique brow brush. So..yeah. The brush set was quite of a spending. But, hey, it’s okay to spend your money on something you love, rite? I can also use the free spooley from my previous brow product to blend the pomade!


Formerly, I was interested in the Ebony shade. But maybe it’s too dark and that’ll look thick (I don’t like bold brows). I saw everywhere that the Dark Brown shade was a little too warm-toned in terms of colour, which will not suit me because I have cool-toned dark brown hair. I always wanted the same-colour brow product with my hairs so that it would look less weird. Personally, the idea of the usual ‘use the colour with 2-3 shade lighter than your hair for your brows’ doesn’t seem appealing. It would rather look weird on people. At least, that’s my opinion. 1 shade lighter is my maximum tolerance.

One day, I saw the Ash Brown shade was available on the website, but I couldn’t seem to find any picture of the swatches with a proper lighting. I do read some comments that it is a cool tone shade. So..it was kind of hit or miss.


I personally love the heaviness of the glass-based jar. Heaviness gives a bit of luxorious feeling (just like YSL’s lipsticks). I should be careful to not to drop it, though. But, the lid of the jar itself is not in a good quality. It is rather easy to open the lid, kind of loose. There goes the minus point.

Usually I just fill in my brows according to its natural shape. I never groomed them (heavily) that the shape changes. The texture is really creamy, and a little goes along the way. The waterproof and smudge-proof feature is tremendous; it lasts all day long! I live in a humid, tropical country. I often sweat but 90% this product always stay in place till the end of the day. Filling in my brows become a very (easy) job. It blends like a dream as long as it hasn’t dried yet. Yet, it dries quickly.. Also, if you were not careful in collecting the product onto your brush, it will come really thick in consistency. The good news is, I only need a maximum of 2 minutes to fill in my brows now!

But of course, you already know those. They have the reviews everywhere. But the colour Ash Brown is relatively new, and therefore for those of you who wants to see it with different lighting, there you go. Ah, I’m so sorry for my hideously ‘ungroomed’ brows 😞

Under the sun light
Under the camera flash light
Final Verdict:

Score: 4/5


  • Light, creamy texture.
  • Blends really, really well.
  • A good cool toned brown colour!
  • Only need very little product for each application,
  • Therefore it’s kind of worth it. (My friend has used it everyday since months ago and much product still remain)
  • Cute and luxorious jar.
  • Waterproof, sweatproof and smudgeproof.


  • Loose lid.
  • Dries a little too quickly, don’t wait too long to blend it!
  • Considering that you have to buy a brush and a spooley…. (well, please, they sell it with the same price as the product and I would NEVER spend that lot of money for a SMALL brush. It’s 2 times of Zoeva’s and spooley is very cheap!)

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by the product’s company. Any writings are solely based on my honest opinion. I do not hold responsibility for those who have different opinions about this product. All of the photos were taken by me using iPhone 5s and Nikon D5500.

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