Why did I switch my preferences?

Hello, guys! I just want to share a tiny bit of my thoughts on my budget allocations for makeup products!

The first time I fell in love with makeup was when I tried to wear eyeliner. It made such a huge difference on your eyes! By the end of my high school period, I always researched and looked around for cheap-medium makeup products to be bought. I found out that Etude House was a very popular Korean Brand in Indonesia at that time. It was incredibly cheap for a foreign brand and has quite a quality for that price (except in their official counter that increased the price 3-fold and has a very slow progress in updating their products; seriously, everything was 2 years outdated). I began to purchase everything: BB cream, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, lip tint, mascara (this one was Maybelline’s though), eyeshadows, powders, concealer (The Face Shop); basically every basic makeup starter kit.

However, there was one disadvantage I kept encountered on behalf of my makeup shopping activity: I purchased so many cheap products it became accumulatively expensive. Products that were not as good as I thought they were went to my trash can all the time. Even when I found holy grails within the “cheap” price range, I wouldn’t be satisfied as people kept posting about their “hauls” of luxury products that I wasn’t willing to afford. This made me bought even more products at a little bit higher of price range and kept regretting my actions.

Thankfully, my senses spoke to myself, “Okay, this has to stop now.” I made a resolve that from that moment on I shall save my money and purchase a higher-end product (not the highest!) that will not make me want to purchase any similar products. More researches took place since. I just prefer to buy the things that has a lot of positive reviews so that I wouldn’t drool for any better product within the similar price range. This explains my crazy purchases (at least for me). Their purpose is just to cure me from my shopaholic disease. I wanted to create the feeling of “Gosh, you spend so much on this and you saved for so long. You should finish this before you purchase anything else, or else you would be broke! YOU WANT THAT? OF COURSE NOT!” Sorry, I exaggerated a bit LOL.

On the other hand, it’s not that all of the makeup products that I own are expensive. I still have the cutie and lovely Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #6 (I have yet to review this one because the cute applicator accidentally fell into the toilet…) and Sleek Eyeshadow Palette (a review is coming soon!) and a lot more; basically products that I rarely touched because it just doesn’t make sense to buy a high end product that you’d barely use (of course I don’t have time to wear eyeshadow, blushes, contouring cream, much less dampening my Real Techniques or Masami Shouko makeup blender on my college routine!). But I shall admit that I’ve been eyeing Lorac Pro Palette 1&2 and Too Faced bronzers for quite some time….. Nooooooo!

Anyway, thank you for reading this super random unwell-thought blog post! See you in my next article!

2 thoughts on “Why did I switch my preferences?

  1. Have you tried ebay? They have lots of high end makeup there. I was using cheaper products before, but they had no staying power and made me break out more. And they just don’t apply as nice. I agree, the cheap things become accumulatively expensive. Hahah.

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    1. Actually I have to shamefully admit that I have no paypal account or such :((( one day I’ll make it and shop all the high end products I want! I know, now the only cheap makeups I have are just eyeshadows because I rarely use them on a daily basis


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