[Short Review] Paula’s Choice 4 Mattes and a Glam Eyeshadow Palette

What’s up, guys? One can never have enough eyeshadows, can’t she?

As I was quite disappointed with my previous Sleek i-Divine in Oh So Special palette, I was looking for another affordable eyeshadow palette for the purpose of doing my daily eye make up. The thing that came as a surprise is that I got this for only IDR 120,000 (US$9) while they sell it for $25 on their website!


At first I really didn’t know how to open this palette. It doesn’t have a…lid edge? Turns out that you’ll have to push the thinner part of the palette to open up the mirror. It came with a small shader brush that I suspect I’ll lose it in anytime soon.

IMG_1730 IMG_1731 IMG_1732

After the pictures were taken, I immediately swatched them on my arms. Unfortunately the shadows have pigmentations too poor to be shown in the camera šŸ˜¦ The most pigmented one is definitely the darkest chocolate shade. Both of the lighter shades wouldn’t show that much on the eyes šŸ˜¦ But based on the blending ability, all of the matte shades can blend well. I never really tried to blend the plum shade becauseĀ I mainly use it to highlight the center of my lid. The pigmentation is quite poor, and the glitters often fell out through the day. I guess you’ll do fine with the matte shades alone! After all, this is a decent everyday go-to-work palette!

IMG_1616 IMG_1617

Base: the middle chocolate shade

Outer corner: the darkest chocolate shade

Lid center: the plum shade

Browbone: the white shade



Score: 3/5

Disclaimer:Ā This article is not sponsored by the productā€™s company nor by the shop that I bought it from. Any writings are solely based on my honest opinion. I do not hold responsibility for those who have different opinions about this product. All of the photosĀ were taken by me using Nikon D5500 and iPhone 5S. PleaseĀ credit me (harevaden.wordpress.com) and inform me through grace.then@hotmail.com if you want to use my photos. Colour results might differ from the real shade due to photography lighting and editing process.

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