[Trying the Trend] Baking your makeup

Yup. Baking. They sometimes call it cooking. Many showed it on YouTube. Many praised the method as if it’s an invention of the century. The real question is: does it really work?

For the past year 80% of YouTube beauty gurus has followed the trend. They baked every single makeup in the tutorial videos of theirs. It was meant to set your makeup super flawlessly and give that hint of highlight on the area where you baked. The drag community has been doing this for years and the trend suddenly expanded to the ordinary beauty community.

Hereby are the steps of baking:

  1. Apply eye cream on your under-eye area.
  2. Apply foundation and concealers on the same area.
  3. Take your damp beauty sponge and dip it in a gunk of powder (preferably translucent).
  4. Push that sponge onto your under-eye area or any other area you want to bake your face with.
  5. It should look like this:
  6. Leave it for 10 minutes. Do your eye makeup.
  7. Dust it off with your powder brush.

On my very first post of this blog I wrote that my skin type was dry and a little of oily combination on my nose. I’d like to revise that and my skin has became completely dry for the past weeks and I don’t know what to do anymore. Every foundation would look patchy on me and there’s no other word than “gross”. And the first thing there is to tell you readers about this trend: do not follow it if you have dry skin like I do. It will definitely show your wrinkles and even the fine lines you don’t know you have. Your baked area would be super sandy and you can even feel the dryness with light touches. All of the patches will pop up and you’ll just look super old. The only positive impact of the trend is that my mascara and gel liner didn’t smudge onto my lower lids throughout the day. Besides, I don’t know if it’s a real great idea to put a thick layer of concealer and foundation on your under-eye and apply a nasty layer of powder on top of that every single day.

A much better alternative (love you, Wayne Goss!) is to leave the step 6 and proceed to step 7. This gives you a matte finish with a perfectly set under eye area. If you really want to highlight your upper cheekbones, you can just use a highlighter. Many drugstore brands offer great ones.

How about you, folks? How does baking work on you?


Disclaimer: Any writings are solely based on my honest opinion. All of the photos were taken by me using Nikon D5500. Please credit me(harevaden.wordpress.com) and inform me through grace.then@hotmail.com if you want to use my photos.


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