[Makeup Tutorial] Hooded Eyes Navy Smokey Eye Makeup

Hello, peeps! Who’s ready for some smokey eyes for this weekend?

This feature of mine frustrates me a lot since I have no eye socket to work on with my eyeshadow. It’s been an extreme struggle to create a smokey eye look, until I stumbled upon this video by Lisa Eldridge. Finally! A REAL smokey eye tutorial for REAL hooded eyes!

Since the glorious Dior eyeshadows she used was way above my budget, I made some following adjustments:

  1. Instead of using the cool toned glittery navy colour, I used the warm matee Navy shade from Lorac Pro Palette 2.
  2. Lisa Eldridge used the glittery light silverish blue as a transition shade. Since I have no such shade in my wardrobe, I changed it into the matte Charcoal shade also from my Lorac Pro Palette 2.
  3. She didn’t use any faux lashes, but I think that the whole eyeshadow thing is too much of a heavy look to pass on my Silver Swan lashes in 403 Bia.
Shades used
Shades used

Hereby are the steps of creating the smokey eye look:

  1. So after I put on my The Saem cover tip concealers onto my eyelids and set it with my powder, I applied the Lorac Behind The Scenes eyeshadow primer. Use eyeshadow shield to prevent the fallouts falling onto your cheek.
  2. I began with applying the Navy shade with a flat eyeshadow brush onto my small lid; blend the colour upward and outward afterwards while keep looking to the front with a clean blending brush. Keep blending until you can see about 1mm of navy smoke above your crease.
  3. Smudge some of the Navy colour on your lower eyelid and keep it thin.
  4. Apply thin lines of pencil eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelid, very closely to the lashes. Do not make wings.
  5. Smudge your eyeliner on your lower eyelid.
  6. Take a clean blending brush and dip it onto the Navy and Charcoal shade on the palette lightly and start blending the outer corner of your eye outward and upward so that it’d create an oval shape.
  7. Take another clean blending brush and dip in onto the Charcoal shade and start blending all of the outer edge of the shadows to soften the look.
  8. Smudge the Charcoal shade onto your lower eyelid to further soften the smoke.
  9. Put on the Silver shade unto the inner corner of your eyes.
  10. Put on your false lashes, put off your eyeshadow shield, and tadaaa!


closed blue smokey

open blue smokey


For the complete list of the products used, visit my Instagram page and follow me for more beauty updates!

Disclaimer: Thank you Silver Swan for sending me those lashes. All of the other products aside were purchased by myself. All of the photos were taken by me using Nikon D5500. Please credit me (harevaden.wordpress.com) and inform me through grace.then@hotmail.com if you want to use my photos. Colour results might differ from the real shade due to photography lighting and editing process.


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