My Japan Trip Journal: Intro

こんにちは、みんなさん! I just got back from my trip to Japan and I made this resolution to write about it. Here it goes!

A while back I went to Europe for 2 months for a volunteer program in Bratislava. There were a lot of trips being made aside from the volunteering thing, and the planning phase was hell because I didn’t know a thing about Europe.

I can say the same for this one.

Don’t get me wrong, I love planning. It’s really fun. But there were so many things we (my one friend and I) wanted to do in Japan yet there were so little time we had on our hands. Disclaimer: Disneysea and Universal Studios were not included in our itinerary. We simply don’t find them interesting, I guess. There is much more to it about Japan than roller coasters and the miserable, long, full-of-annoying-kids trip for the sake of butter beer. The thing is, only 30-40% of the plans were actually executed due to the late sakura blooming, weather, tardiness and of course, the sheer level tiredness. Another disclaimer: this is not a regular itinerary you’d find in the regular travel/backpacking blog. This is a hedonistic, kind of culinary and too-many-taking-pictures-sections-involved travel journal. Provided you’re a sane person, it is not advised to follow some (if not all) the things that I wrote below. Otherwise just read them for your own enjoyment.

A few things to note:

  • I used a travel agency to make my one-time tourist visa for IDR 424k.
  • I bought a 7-day JR pass for IDR 3.4 million.
  • I rented a pocket wifi (a decision that I regretted because all of the Airbnb apartments we booked apparently offered the free ones) to be used throughout the journey.
  • If you brought a large set of luggages like I did, make sure you get off on the station that has lift and elevator. Learned this the hard way.
  • We used SUICA/Pasmo for everything.

Anyways, I bought a small notebook to write everything at the end of each day because I didn’t want to miss a thing. Of course there were still things that I forgot to write, but whatever. Enjoy!

Day 1 – Jakarta to Tokyo, Asakusa

Day 2 – Kawagoe and Shinjuku

Day 3 – Around Tokyo

Day 4 – Hakone

Day 5 – Asakusa and Rikugien Garden

Day 6 – Going to Osaka

Day 7 – Kobe and Around Osaka

Day 8 – Nara and Osaka Castle

Day 9 – Philosopher’s Walk and Onsen Experience

Day 10 – Wearing Kimono in Kyoto

Day 11 – Around Kyoto

Day 12 – Back to Tokyo

Day 13 – Sushi Dai and Ghibli Museum

Day 14 – Sushi Shin and Around Tokyo

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