Hello folks! I’m glad that you’ve found my page šŸ™‚

My name is Grace and I’m currently 21 y.o. The real reason I started this blog is to write my occasional thoughts of life, but I think that it would be too personal to be published. As my college life goes on, I begin to realise that I don’t even have a passion in the major I’m in; at least not that much as required by the university. There are 2 major things that helped me survive my college life: my friends and my passion for makeup.

I formerly didn’t know any single thing about photography, but I’m slowly learning to take good pictures for my blog post. You can save the photos for personal usage as long as you ask for my permission AND put some credits on me.

In this blog you’ll find some makeup reviews, makeup tutorials (although I’m not really good at this, but hey, everybody can learn a thing or two), travel posts and my opinions regarding any random things. I do LOVE to eat, but I hate to write restaurant reviews because I never ordered too many kinds of food. I often stick to what I love. The other embarrassing reason there is, is that I know NOTHING about food photography. It’s just too difficult for me to comprehend. Someday I’ll get there!

Other than that, I would like to improve my language writings. As a rather slow learner, sharpening my language skills is a must. I must pardon in advance for my English as it is not even close to perfect. This page is my only ā€” if not one of few ā€” way to learn. If you have to criticise on any of my writings, please do so in a mannered way. I’ll appreciate any comment you have on me as long as it’s intended to build rather than degrade šŸ™‚


Enjoy my page and have a great day!

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